Public & Digital History

Public and digital history have been part of my scholarly identity early on. I worked in archives, museums, and as a tour guide (Imperial Castle Nuremberg) and utilized countless digital tools for my research and teaching. In the last years I have found ways to provide hands-on and experiential learning opportunities for undergraduate students, first at Northern Arizona University and now within a much more institutionalized framework (public and digital history concentration) here at Bridgewater College. Here are some examples:

 Previous Projects (@Northern Arizona University):


Berlin Wall Exhibit

Screen shot 2016-12-25 at 1.11.31 PM.png

Bedzin Ghetto Exhibit and Website

Public and Digital History (@ Bridgewater College)

At Bridgewater College I am actively involved in the public and digital history concentration within our department. We offer a variety of core courses and electives as ways to expose our students to applied history. Students work with professionals in archives, libraries, and museum, and participate in specific projects. For instance, two Bridgewater College students under my supervision have been involved with the History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust project at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. We posted on our experiences with this project, in three parts.

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History Unfolded blog post, excerpt (Summer 2017)

Each of my courses also has a hands-on experiential component tied to public and digital history. I relied on digital timelines and podcasts in the past, for instance. In fall 2016 students in my HIST 311 course (Europe, 1492-1789) volunteered at the Frontier Culture Museum nearby plus worked on individual object biographies tied to the value of everyday things using WordPress.


Student Website, HIST 311, Fall 2016

Future Projects

In fall 2017 I will be teaching one required course that is part of our Public and Digital History concentration, HIST 321 (Europe since 1789). This course has a digital emphasis, with lots of hands-on elements. Additionally, we are developing broader opportunities for our students with internships.